Dan Champion

I have worked in the hairdressing industry for over 25 years. In that time I’ve represented some big hitters; Wella, L’Oral and Vidal Sassoon all feature on my CV. Almost immediately I began to take an interest in the business side of barbering. In 2011 I took the plunge and opened my own shop.

I already knew those cutting men's hair solely, got through far more clients in the average working day. What I didn’t appreciate however was just how big the disparity between standard barbers and women’s hair salons was.



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On average a typical barber tends to 20 clients a day. In contrast someone working in a ladies shop will see to just seven. That’s a huge gulf. It was a chasm played out in waiting rooms just like mine.

Aside from the sheer volume of customers clogging up my floor space, frustration stemmed from a lack of control. There was seemingly nothing I could do to manage the situation.

All of us worked long days with barely enough time to boil the kettle, never mind take a lunch break. I also had no ability to monitor those walking through the door.

I feared my staff would grow unhappy and leave for an easier life and also dreaded the prospect of turning people away because we were just too busy. Simply put, it was chaotic and incredibly stressful.



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I thought long and hard about how I could bring some order to my shop and life. That’s when the idea for QJunkie was born.

I was keen to develop something that differed from the typical appointment system. Software that was easy to manage but wouldn't cost me the earth. A solution that could transform manic barber shops like mine.

At the same time I wanted to retain tradition. Us Brits like to queue, we’d just like it a whole lot more if we didn’t have to physically wait in line. A real time virtual queuing system seemed the way forward.

My brainchild was realised in app form by 2015. I was keen to add customisable elements that allowed shop owners to apply their own branding and barbers themselves to select original avatars. I wanted unique and edgy.

Most importantly though I wanted something that made a difference. QJunkie does that for barber and client alike.

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I have since regained control of my business. Whereas before we could flit from stressful days where each of us would deliver 50 bad express services to quieter ones where we'd average a mere eight, now we hit a healthy 23. This, naturally, has led to a higher quality of work across the board.

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We’re giving more
haircuts than ever
but doing so in an
orderly fashion.

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The money spent on my waiting room and its many elements is now being put to better use.

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My staff are happier and I feel confident enough to manage the business remotely if required.

I even book the occasional holiday!

Two years in, more shops throughout the region have followed suit, realising that QJunkie not only brings structure but profit. Before long we felt confident enough to up prices for a host of services, a decision based on real data collated by my app.

As of summer 2017 meanwhile, 4,000 clients have registered. It is these people who are putting their precious time to better use whilst ‘queuing’ for their haircut.

Created by barbers for barbers QJunkie is the ideal solution for those looking to evolve.



Owner, Champion Male Groomer