Happier Clients, Happier Crew, Happier You

QJunkie makes people happy. No, really. For starters your customers – that lot – will appreciate you giving them some life back. Sparing people the hell of sitting in a waiting area for hours on end is pretty cool. Freeing up their time to play football, drive cars or chase girls is pretty neat too. They’ll thank you for it – by sending friends.

And it’s not just the punters who’ll be singing your praises. Your staff will appreciate a constant flow of work that’s not too mental. Sure, you’ll be working on as many – if not more – people than ever before but the real time virtual queue means you’ll never have to rush a job. Barbers can take time over a haircut and pride in their work, without worrying about a backlog.

Don’t forget yourself. Yes you, the boss, are pretty important too. QJunkie will ease the stresses and strains of running your business. You’ll retain staff, cut walkouts and increase profits within a matter of weeks. Before long you’ll also be in a position to manage the shop from elsewhere... abroad maybe. Take a holiday, you deserve it.

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