Cut The Chaos & Cut Staff Turnover

Losing staff is a killer. Assembling the right crew can be tricky so once you’ve got a decent crowd you want to keep a hold of them, right? That ain’t easy.

Good barbers and good people can grow tired of the industry. We’ve all had that moment when, mid cut, you bravely/stupidly peer into the waiting area to see a queue ten deep – made up of angry, sweaty men raging as their weekend disappears before their eyes. That’s not for everyone.

Neither are long days with no guaranteed lunch break. Heck, finding time to sip a coffee is a mission. This all leads to higher staff turnover and headaches for the boss.

QJunkie is the answer to your pain. Our app brings order to the chaos. You’ll attract more punters than ever before but see to them over a longer period. Quieter waiting areas will put paid to rushed jobs. Barbers can focus on quality, not quantity and clearly signpost any breaks on the app itself – ensuring they get some chill time.

Days will be filled with good crack as the work-life balance is restored. Fewer employees will jump ship, in fact you’ll become the place for up and coming barbers to ply their trade.

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