Cut Out The Competition & Grow Profits 30%

QJunkie is a game changer. Installing the app within your shop will help you steal a march on competition resistant to change. Hey, technology is there to be embraced, not feared.

Barbering, as with any business, is a matter of wowing those who pay the bills. If you can spare punters the hell of waiting in line, second guessing whether or not they’re next up, do it.

If you can have their preferences loaded up before they reach the chair, do it. If you can hit them up whenever you’re running a promotion, do it. Blow their  socks off and earn their loyalty in the process.

Before long they’ll recommend you to mates. Word will spread and your output/profits will up to 30%! It’s a no brainer, right?

Fellas are far more likely to flock to innovators earning rave reviews than they are a shop stuck in the dark ages. Their failure to adapt will mark their downfall. Don’t be that shop, don’t be that guy. Kick queuing's ass.

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