Make Queuing a Thing of the Past

The QJunkie app redefines queuing.

Nobody can be bothered to wait in line when there are better things to do. Especially when they don’t have to. Our real time virtual queuing system allows clients to focus on ‘more important things’ whilst ‘queuing’ for their haircut.

Clients select a day, time, barber and service of their choice. The system tells them how long the queue is and keeps them informed while they get on with their life. They arrive in time for a haircut without having to queue in your shop for hours. Wow staff and customers alike whilst regaining control of your shop.

Our standard version looks cool and works great. You get a free 60 day trial when you download the app from your favourite app store.

Upgrade to our premium version and you can add your own branding, avatars and messaging, making the app your own.

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Fewer walkouts

Never turn another client away again. Work on more than ever, over a longer period

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Save space

Cut costs typically associated with maintaining a waiting area

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Manage better

Get a better steer on your business and manage the shop remotely

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Personalised Experience

Build relationships with clients by learning more about them


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Real time queue

A live feed that updates instantly, with no need to hit refresh. Not an appointment system and WILL NOT cap daily earning potential.

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Make money through ads

Utilise four advertising spaces by sourcing and invoicing companies 

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Pick your favourite barber

Give clients the option to select their preferred barber prior to arrival

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Select the haircut you want

Allow clients to select their service prior to arrival, allowing staff to prepare

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Bespoke avatars

Apply to have your own avatar created and added to the system

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Insightful stats, giving you the ability to understand strengths and weaknesses.

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Client profiles

Store information about the people you work on, including cuts and interests

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Push notifications/E-mails

Share latest news, in store promotions and special offers at no extra cost