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You have nothing to lose except the stress of over-crowded waiting rooms and the pain of losing customers who can't be bothered to wait for your queue to die down.

Download the app today and start smoothing out your business. Your customers will love you for it. Your crew will think it's Christmas and you'll be giving the competition a kicking.

Remember, booking systems mean no-shows and empty seats. A Queuing system keeps you working steadily, stress-free all day. Try it now.

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What you get:

  • Shop Branded FREE client WiFi to promote your APP
  • 10" Lenovo Tablet
  • Customer liaison in your shop to assist customers with App.
  • POS kit including a client card, leaflet, window clings and large poster.

All this for an additional one-off payment of £199 +VAT

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Real Time Virtual Queue

Set up a real time virtual queue that clients can book onto at anytime. Watch waiting areas empty as people 'queue' for their haircut elsewhere. Avoid bottlenecks by tending to more customers over a longer period. Clearly state start, finish and break times for all staff members.

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Add Staff and Services

Create profiles for all team members, complete with their preferred avatar from a bank of more than 100 images. List services and rates of each individual and give them permission to update their own information moving forward. Make them available for bookings.

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Collate Data

Utilise the QJunkie reporting feature to make informed decisions about your business moving forward. Productivity, profitability, common trends and peaks and troughs are documented and saved ready for analysis.

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Push notifications / E-mails

Share latest news, in-store promotions and special offers with your client base by sending them push notifications at no extra cost. Clients may opt in or out at anytime, with no limit on the number you can send.

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Utilise four advertising strips to share the offerings of local or national businesses. Build professional relationships and attract new customers through cross marketing. Invoice independently.

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Review Client Profiles

Prepare for upcoming cuts by viewing individual client profiles, including details on their previous appointments and any special requirements. See prompts for relevant topics of conversation.

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