7 Ways QJunkie Grows Your Business

1.Cut queues

QJunkie will help you grow your business in no time. At a headline level installing our app will cut queues... dramatically. Why? Because your customers will be elsewhere. That’s right, instead of clogging up waiting rooms your clientele will be shopping, drinking, exercising... whatever floats their boat. All the while they’ll be ‘queuing’ via the real time virtual queue they’ve joined earlier that day. They win back time, you win back control. Sound good?

2.Cut walkouts

Well cutting walkouts is even better. It’s a kick in the balls to see anyone sack off their haircut, even when you’re rammed. There’s always a risk that fella will go elsewhere and never return. QJunkie protects everyone’s slot, meaning there’ll be no reason for them to bugger off. That builds loyalty.

3.Staff retention

Something you’ll get from your staff too. Few enjoy cutting hair in the busiest shops. It’s a stressful way to make a living with lunch breaks almost unheard of. Our app brings some order to your chaos. Trust us when we say barbers will work on just as many people but spread more evenly. That calms the nerves and makes for a happier working environment. Those considering a new job, even a new profession will think better of it. Improved staff retention is yours for the taking.

4.Get referrals

A win-win for both you and your customers, they’re sure to recommend your shop to others. Let’s be honest, nobody loves getting a haircut. The whole experience can be pretty awkward. From the waiting around to the painful small talk, it’s something to be endured not enjoyed. QJunkie lessens that pain, bringing about a more personalised experience that will lead to shout outs (referrals for the formal). Business will grow on the back of the unique service you provide.

5.Get a competitive advantage

This, in turn, will give you a competitive advantage. QJunkie is cutting edge, if you excuse the shameless pun. While others are slaves to tradition, you and your shop are embracing technology and tailoring a service to those that matter most... your customers. You’ll be ahead of the game and primed to lure punters from shop owners stuck in their ways. Don’t apologise for that!

6.Unlock data

Elsewhere the business minded amongst us can make decisions based on real data. No more second guessing, no more gut instinct. Tap into QJunkie’s reporting feature to assess who’s doing what, highlight where your typical peaks and troughs occur and identify areas for improvement/investment. You’ll need all of the above if you truly hope to grow your business. You’re the boss, start acting like one.

7.Make room / cut costs

Finally just think what you could do with the extra space. QJunkie will fill chairs whilst emptying waiting rooms. All that money spent on teas, coffees and magazines to entertain the troops can be put to better use. Queuing costs money. Save some.

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